Saturday, August 6, 2011

Morality - It's a shame

A disc jockey on a radio show opened up the topic of teenagers having sex in their parents home.

He began by airing an audio clip and the women speaking said that she was okay with her daughter having sex in her home, because she knew she was safe, always had condoms available, and also she knew who her daughter was having sex with.

The radio station had a huge response with many people calling in stating that allowing a teenager to have sex in their home was flat out wrong.

Some people stated that if they knew that their teenage child had sex in the home, or even if they asked about it, they would be beaten. Also one man called in and said if my wife allowed that and I caught my daughter having sex with a boy in my home I would beat my wife and my child! The response from those in the studio was laughter and agreement.

This created a type of 'group thought' on the radio program and numerous calls came in one after another with the same type of answer, someone else called in and said, If that was my daughter I would not only beat my daughter but also the boy she was with!

Another listener called in to tell a personal story about getting caught kissing a girl in his parents home when he was a teenager - he said that his mother opened the door to the closet and slapped the girl he was kissing in the face and he was glad that his mother did that because later that summer that same girl got pregnant by another guy.

The reaction from parents to immediately hurt someone is just an indication of just how harmful morality right/wrong can be. Fascinating how morality blinds beings of common sense.

The lack of open self-honest communication between parent and child is staggering and we can see the consequence of this all around us, it is no wonder that teen pregnancy rates are sky high and it is also no wonder that sexually transmitted diseases in teens and young adults are rampant. This also teaches children to lie and manipulate because every time the child tells the truth to their parents they are punished!

Many parents think that making sex taboo or wrong is their duty but miss the entire point of supporting their child to be a self-honest effective human being in this world. This can be done by being self-honest and standing equal to their children and realize that not only is the house their's but also the home of their children. It is fine time that parents consider their children as equals and share common sense with their children and share what the manifested consequences are for not taking responsibility for oneself. This is only done through being a living example, living the words we speak otherwise children just see their parents as hypocrites and rebel against them. This ends up being a battle of right and wrong, superiority and inferiority. Within common sense there is no right or wrong simply what is best for all, this does not require us to be moral about anything it just requires us to have a look at all the possible outflows of our decisions 1+1=2 and act in the best interest of all.

It is time for us to start educating ourselves and becoming self-honest so that we can support ourselves and our children to do what is best for all.

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