Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Self - FREE within and as ONENESS IN EQUALITY

I have not been on blogspot to blog for a while, I have been reading mad on the desteni forums for the past few days - there is an extensive amount of writings and common sense.
If you are reading this and you have not heard of Desteni
recommend this website it is take a look at the writings it's cool.

All the communication within and as the portal within and as dimensional beings is insightful.
I am HERE to express my self, B suggests to write every day even if we have nothing to write. I find it cool to write and express my self HERE in self honesty. I realise that I have continued pushing on with process of self forgiveness, self honesty, self awareness, self movement, self corrective application, self expression, self clarity, self direction to be honest I was not sure I had it in me to move myself and be self responsible, I realise at this moment that it is not my self who doubts myself but the mind consciousness system of thoughts feelings emotions and memories, that is not who I am I direct the mind not the other way around. Everyone has been assisting including me moving myself as all as one as equal. :) Its a process moment by moment breath by breath so it is not overwhelming at all and the feeling of being overwhelming is of the mind and not who I am. Thoughts feelings, emotions, memories are a program to keep me enslaved and I no longer accept or allow myself to be enslaved.

I watched Marlen's tree of life interview today and I have noticed that every single thing I read on the forum and all the videos I am watching seem to directly pertain to my self "specifically" I see this as common sense as it's all as me HERE. I decided to note this as well since this is what I am currently experiencing this atm. Basically before I would watch them and read and see it for what it was words on a screen or an interview for someone experiencing "something" apparently separate from myself. Even the words I see as myself. Process is cool. takes determination and extensive self forgiveness but to experience myself as all as one as equal and really see myself as who I am, wow, not in my wildest "dreams "did I fathom that I could be honest with myself in such a way, to express myself and to open up to others as myself. Being HERE Breathing the four count breath is "priceless" I am grateful for everyone's assistance as myself and for winged and B to have actually taken a look at self honesty to look inside themselves for all as one as equal. Self movement. Ahhh
Before starting self forgiveness I was so scattered and pissed off and sad and overwhelmed and I would blame everyone as if they were outside of me separate from my self and not realise that is was me all along creating my reality in this existence. Self responsibility

I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to realise that I am the ‘inner workings' of the brain and I am not subject to the brain unless I accept and allow it within me.

Ok bye.

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