Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Interviewer Personality

I've have been spending quite a bit of time exposing my secret mind and now my back-chat with a really cool individual. (X) brought to my attention an observation (X) noticed about me, (X) said "You like to interview people" "I noticed it at the table when you were talking to (Y) and then to (Z) -- He said "I was like, lol! She's interviewing them with questions she has, but making it look so innocent, questions she has asked herself but asking others to get a different point of view, or something she's working with. He said "I only see it because you have shared so much". I thought to myself - Moi?

The implications of sharing myself unconditionally is self responsibly and accountability to myself as my words, actions and deeds - The point when sharing unconditionally with another as myself is that others see things that sometimes are not as apparent for me to recognize because I am it.

I can not trick people and remain self dishonest because I trapped myself and this is cool because it's my test to myself - Who am I in every moment? self-dishonest or self-honest?

It was supportive for me to hear. Now that we are sharing back-chat it is very interesting and revealing and many times my back chat is the opposite of what (X) is experiencing. It has be fun and fascinating to face myself in this way and any judgement that may come up we are able to forgive ourselves immediately, unconditionally and not accept bullshit from each other because to accept it in another is to accept and allow it in self, this is not acceptable nor is it supportive so we've agreed not to judge each other, react or take anything we say to each other personally. It is getting quite interesting, fascinating and fun.

I like to interview people because it is fun and interesting and I am getting a feel for the other person. I suppose I interview people because it takes the spot light off of me and it is my way of gauging when people are lying so it's quite manipulative and deceptive for me to go about getting straight answers in this way, rather then just asking direct basing my questioning on the starting point of and as self. When I am around people walking process it's great because we can openly share and walk points equal and one and get to the core and be self-honest and straight up. We laugh it off and laugh out our suppressions because many times the back-chats are actually believe it or not funny and sharing them has been a way to develop self intimacy.

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thomaslagrua said...

I've always had an indirect approach to asking questions also. Then I just stopped asking questions because I saw it as dishonest. But how do I get answers? Ask direct questions.
Thanks Deedra