Friday, January 14, 2011

Breath Walking

Today was an over all chill day. I read some blogs and Desteni material also watched a few vlogs and made a vlog of my own, that was nice. I wasn't nearly as fearful this go around and I even enjoyed myself - I do have to get video editing software so I can perk them up a bit and make my vlogs more presentable but overall it was fun :)

I have windows7 and I haven't found free software that also works with my camera - BooHoo! I will continue looking.

Anyhow, I didn't judge myself about anything really - well, in someways I would have worded things differently but hey, I guess this is what supporting oneself through vlogging and blogging is all about and within actively participating in vlogs and blogs I will become more effective within my application and within speaking and living words as one with me as who I am as life - Also it supports me within and as self trust and self honesty. I am also grateful for the support, comments and thumbs up's! Thanks for the encouragement. :)

I enjoy process it is cool to face my fears because I will no longer allow them to control me.

Darryl told me that Bernard is fearless and that it is fascinating to be around and supportive to experience a being that is a living example of self trust. Well, he said something to that effect but don't quote me. Hehe... Maybe he does have 'some' fear but the common sense kind. One time I read a post by Bernard that said "If you do not fear what you should fear, you are in fearful danger" --I heard that! I'm not sure who coined this but either way it makes sense. I will be fearless one day. I start here within and as every moment of breath.

Daily blogging has been great self support. I enjoy writing and sharing myself because as we all know sharing is caring!

Deedra :)

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