Sunday, January 16, 2011

Well I looked closer into my dream - The most memorable part in the dream was that all of them had velvet suits in the same material/fabric but different designs. So I think the same material may represent family systems and the differences are personalities or maybe ideas I have about them. I will re-watch the process support videos regarding itching because I do have a bit of a itching on occasion I did MC on this point a while back and what tested out was 'sister' or something very close to sister. I have done a mind construct and also written self forgiveness regarding my sister and so I feel I have exhausted this point but here again I am clearly communicating with myself within this dream to take a closer look because apparently I have suppressed myself in some way as I can see by my reaction to my sister looking at me in the eyes and then me looking down. I looked down in a shameful way and also briefly I compared myself to her - I compared our bodies. A point I forgot to mention is that my mother and nephew were positioned in between my sister and I and she has said that to me before 'in real life' - that she felt caught in the middle of us. I was upset that she felt that way because I do not want her to choose sides - it is what it is- maybe I've been acting too busy to really settle this point once and for all because it is still stirring around in the background. Also I was shopping for tools and the lady suggested I use and old remedy -tar? To put on the wound maybe that is a reflection of how I suppressed myself in the past, but it is proven to be dangerous because I've time looped? Not too sure about that one - Also someone told me they think they heard the dimensions talk about systems looking tar like in the dimensions so not too sure. But to get clarity I will watch the videos and add what I find within my investigations. Thanks for asking Darryl :)

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