Thursday, February 24, 2011

Body Language - Body Movements

Now that I have been walking my process and I am here, I am aware of my human physical body and have noticed in my vlogs that my body movements are pre-programmed and not self expression equal and one.

I move my body almost exactly the same way my sibling and parents move. My facial expressions are especially similar to my siblings. Some of my body movements are exactly like my mom and others are exactly like my dads, now that I've written this out I also noticed that my mom and dads body movements are like their parents too. My cousins also move like their parents.

I talk with my hands a lot and I find this to be related to cultural programming. Another point is when I hear my own voice it sounds similar to my sibling, cousins and aunts. There have been times when I got my cousins voice mixed up over the phone or been confused about whether or not it was their mother I was speaking to because they all sounded so similar.

I was aware of my body movements and eye movements but not so much my facial expressions and hand movements - I have always been fascinated by body language - I enjoy dancing and physical work and when I heard at Desteni that even our body movements are pre-programmed it fascinated me and I could see for myself that yes this is true. So now when I dance I also notice that the way in which I move and have been moving this entire time was all pre-programmed and not self expression at all. I thought my dance moves were 'unique' LOL!

I wonder now though if say for instance a child is separated from their parents at birth if they would still move in the same way their parents do? I will also investigate this point.

The tonalities I use are also due to cultural programming - I hear the same tonalities in other people of the same race as me and what comes across is a soft, caring, motherly, almost inferior sound, like self sacrificing, overly nice it is high in the middle of a phrase for instance with some softness to it and drawn out at the end. I've heard this in both males and females with the same or similar background to my own.

Within viewing myself in vlogs I can tell that when I speak certain words that I have placed value on and limited to polarity +/- I make a particular face along with it and it is programming not actual self expression because self expression is not limited to polarity manifestations. An example is when I have a perception about something and speak about it I tend to squint my eyes and sometimes I notice my eyes get watery when I laugh or am expressing 'happiness'

I also enjoy watching videos about body language regarding how to present myself as assertive or in control in order to be more successful in business. I see now that there are ways we program each other simply by the way we move and sound. There are mulitiple mico-expressions that I am starting to take note of and now when I engage in conversations with people or make vlogs I am much more aware of my facial expressions and body in general.

This has been fun, interesting and fascinating to investigate and I will blog more on what I realize now that I am becoming more aware of myself as my body equal and one.

Oh one more thing, I have even noticed that this type of programming is existent in my cats haha, so animals are also pre-programmed to move in particular ways.

And no matter what country one is from or what language one speaks facial expressions are universal.

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Leon Perry said...

I've also thought about this from the perspective of dancing -- because within dancing, one finds that one does similar movements that one already knows how to do within their programming of knowledge and information related to the movement. Plus, there are biological factors that play a role, and also, dancing to the beat due to 'feelings' within the body that arises as an 'energetic flow' that 'motivates' a person to 'dance' to 'release' the 'energy' of 'adrenaline'.