Monday, February 7, 2011

Writing, Equal Money, Education, World Equality!

I was busy writing and rewriting a blog for the the past two hours it was entitled:

"I live in one of the most impoverished and crime filled states in America"

Is this a coincidence, I strongly doubt it.

I simply wanted to show and share the correlation between poverty and crime and how an equal money system will lower crime and death because most crime is done for one reason - Money. An interesting statistic I came across today when searching for information regarding crime and poverty, stated that the majority of people in jail were poverty stricken and made less then $10,000 a year.

But while writing this out I began to judge myself due to my limited vocabulary, I often struggle with writing and sometimes get to a point where I go into self doubt about my ability to express what it is here as me - passion regarding world equality and equal money.

So I rewrote that dang blog over and over again and then I became bewildered because the points that I wrote about began to interconnect and intertwine to everyone and everything. It is fascinating the money systems of this world move everything and are the source of most of the abuse, pain, separation and fear in and of this world - Capitalism is a crime against life and is not acceptable. Even people that have huge sums of money are enslaved to it, by it.

We are all equally responsible for this mess that we have co-created and have a responsibility to do something to change it so that no one has to suffer because of a money system founded on greed, founded on winners and losers.

An equal money system is the solution that is best for all, is simplistic and supports life - Investigate equal money and if you are reading this you are ABLE to do something to stop hunger, abuse, crime, pain separation ect...

If I had grown up in an equal money system I would have been better educated, and educated about what is important - LIFE - Maybe I wouldn't have such extensive inferiority issues because I would have been born into a world where I was immediately considered an equal to all.

I will continue to write and through writing I will also develop proper speaking skills - I am grateful to have the opportunity to blog and share myself and to do what is best for ALL so that ALL may live a life of dignity. Within an equal money system beings will be supported within and as self expression and no longer fear one another but be an unconditional support to one another to be and live as our highest expression and no longer do things in spite of it all. I want to live in a world that I am proud to bring any child into no matter where they live or what family they are born into because they will also be unconditionally supported when they arrive here.

I have been working on and am committed to increasing my vocabulary. Vocabulary is important to me, words are important to me because they are an expression of myself and are a tool within which I am able to share what is best for all and I can express myself within and as specificity so that beings can understand what I share and so that I can build a bridge to close the gap of separation.

What I am writing now is much more simplistic then before and is flowing, it is not forced and I am not 'trying' to sound intelligent or like someone else. I am simply being myself, breathing expressing what is here as me.

Thanks for reading my blog today and for those that are breathing in awareness thanks for being HERE.

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darrylthomas said...

Thanks for this, Deedra. The most important thing to remember is that you're expanding yourself by not allowing yourself to settle for less. That might sound a little funny, but I just woke up. :)