Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What is true robbery?

In the local news today a I read that banker was robbed at gun point, police caught the 'suspect'

I had a look at what the starting point that a person might have where in which robbing a bank at gunpoint is an option.

Let's say the 'robber' doesn't give a fuck about anyone else's life, well maybe he at the very least cared about his own or maybe not because the 'robber' not only risked his life he also risked the life of many others for example bank employees, bystanders, police officers, children. This is quite a weighty risk, let's say he at the very least least ends up in jail and has to spend a good amount of his life in jail that is still quite a shitty option - Is all of THAT really worth it? It is for many this is the so called "free choice" people have.

Not to mention the implications of sending people to jail for committing crimes such as these and now the 'tax payers' 'money' is used to feed and house the so called 'criminal' - it is a fascinating fuck up.

The robber may have done it for drug money or it may have been for survival, either way in an Equal Money System story's like these will be nearly obsolete and could be prevented by providing all with income to cover their basic needs from birth to death.

Bank tellers risk their lives daily as do police officers, drug dealers, druggies, thieves and they all for one thing -Money - It just depends which side of the coin one happens to be on.

I am not implying that we give money to people for drugs, but drug dealers sell drugs to obtain money and the majority of drug dealers have little to no education and have no other means of survival, or maybe have the option to survive for a while by the hair of their assess, but why do that, when they can just become a drug dealer because if they get caught they will just go to prison where their basic needs are met. If a person would never have to consider becoming a drug dealer and risk their own life everyday to survive there will be much less reason for people to be drug dealers and the outflow of that would be less people addicted to drugs and why are people addicted to drugs? Because drugs are addictive to ensure repeat costumers. It's all one gigantic fuck up!

The money system as it currently exists is not effective just look at the few examples I have shared and there are stories like these across the board, all around the world.

Events like this robbery take place because of a faulty, unequal money system, a system that supports greed and disregards life. The input is always the output so now we have another scenario where greed and the disregard for life continues. This cycle can be prevented by creating a new money system that supports life, is what is best for all and is founded and has the starting point of equality - if we input equality the output is equality.
It is a simple equation. Can you do the math?


Story's like these will increase and brutality will also increase because of the brutality of our current money system - time to stop this inhumane way of existing and start to consider our neighbor and treat our neighbor as we would like to be treated.

What is best for all is best for self.

Beings would not even have to consider such extremes to acquire money if their basic needs are met- this is simple common sense. The current money system is bullshit and is not working.

The solution that is best for ALL Life is Here - EMS - Equal Money System.

Lets change the way we do things and change ourselves, lets stop crimes against life that are caused by the current money system due to desperation.

ENOUGH is ENOUGH it is time to stop allowing ourselves to rob from eachother to be robbers of LIFE - STOP -Investigate Equal Money - JOIN US!

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