Thursday, February 10, 2011


I read an article today in my local news paper about how Sandia National Laboratories supported a country with transporting 'spent fuel' and because of the labs help apparently we are safer in the world. Now we can safely ship waste, not just any waste - nuclear waste. Waste we have created to kill and destroy - let's give ourselves a pat on the back why don't we? Is this true development?

What would give me a sense of comfort is knowing that we have an equal money system in place to prevent these types of epic fuck ups and also knowing that we are ALL doing everything we can to make a better world for children and the children to come and for all that is here on this earth. Children should not have to suffer the consequences of our action or inaction due to the fact that so many are not willing to be self honest with regards to what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become one and equal to.

We are all on this planet sharing the same air, under the same sun, how come so many people do not recognize equality as the only solution? 1+1=2

The things we have accepted and allowed in this world are a shame, this story is manipulative and it may be unintentional because we have simply allowed this type of stuff for such a long time, so many do not recognize the starting point was that of separation.

This article only shows a temporary solution to clean the mess of our manifested self dishonesty but does not share the solution of how to prevent this from happening in the first place or ever again. I do not feel safer because the real problem is not being seen dealt with or resolved. Now what is the true nitty gritty problem we have on our hands here? It is the current money system as it exists because it was founded on self interest, inequality, winners and losers.

Stories like these just won't take place within an equal money system - We of course still have to walk the manifested consequence of what we already co-created accepted and allowed but once we have walked it through in a new equal money system I see an end to all this absolute none sense.

We don't need bombs!

We need the basics to survive food, water, shelter, clothing, education and within an equal money system the basic needs of all will be provided - We can work together as equals.

It fascinates me all the effort time and money put forth to kill eachother, this is a clear physical reflection of the inner war and madness we exist as, as human beings in separation. It is fine time to be self honest and forgive ourSELF unconditionally and correct what needs correcting and begin here as breath to do what is best for all in all ways so that we can actually enjoy ourselves on this earth and stop fighting, stop the inner wars, stop the spitefulness that creates catastrophes such as war, violence, pain, physical deformities, the diminishment of ourselves as life.

Wars are fought over resources to get money to then have 'power', because of course beings have such an immense fear of loss that they will go great lengths and risk the death of millions to maintain a sense of so called 'security' for themselves ONLY. What a mess.

People go to great lengths to have more money then the next guy, ruler or president ect...

Some say that war is not about money and that it is about power, if you have a look money=power and people use this power to control the movement of money, so that money will always remain in the hands of a few so that they can swap it back and forth and think that this is how they can remain 'safe' but the starting point is fear. This is not real power by any means. We have programmed ourselves throughout our live's that there are always winners and losers, 'survival of the fittest' - In many instances when I've mentioned an equal money system beings can not even fathom equality because of all the programming that has been accepted and allowed and blinded the eyes of many who will not even consider equality and not realize that equality is the only solution we have. Within giving unconditionally to another 'equal money' each will benefit. When did equality become taboo? If you react to equal money and world equality take note of just how much you have allowed yourself to diminish.

We are always equal to what we accept and allow ourselves to be and become why not be equal to and as life here within and as the physical.

Equal money will be a point within which beings can drop the veil that anyone can 'own' anything in this world, everything is provided to us by the earth it is not ours everything belongs to the earth.

A starting point of greed, fear, self interest and the current money system has caused many to become deaf and blind to what is real - the physical. The earth sustains all, plants, water, animals, everything we require is already here, so why have we created a stumbling block to prevent all to have unconditional access to the NECESSARY resources required for survival, such as food, clothes, water, shelter education, ect.

Equal money for all is the only solution within which to bring about equality to this world. Money is not evil it is our starting point within it - money is a tool that can be used to transfer goods and why not it be equal for all?

We disregard life just like we have disregarded nuclear waste but there is always a consequence. Either we do this peacefully if that is 'possible' considering all the pain and suffering taking place at this very moment but as 'peacefully' as we can at this point and change ourselves and exist here in and as the physical and stop existing in the mind just looking for ways to win, and acquire money - we have diminished ourselves so extensively and we must stop. Til here no further.

Equality is real love - I stand for and as a solution and will do what is best for all and I am one of many that can do this simple mathematical equation 1+1=2 can you?

Support life be 1 vote for world equality and an equal money system.

Join us - If you care, if you dare..., DesteniIprocess,

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Thank you

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