Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Give It Up!

Ok so this is in reference to Cerise's blog she suggested to 'give it up!' and not say one word that I am not willing to say in front of any person...

I take on this point as myself and will walk and share my experiences. I have attempted to do this throughout my process but have not written about it or actually made a living statement of my commitment to no longer accept or allow gossip or back chat in my mind toward anyone or anything.

Growing up and being around other females this is all we did - Gossip, I guess maybe we did it as a way to bond and get to know each other, well thats not true either, I would observe what they would say about others and then be weary of them the entire time and wonder if they would say the same about me, but did I say THAT out loud? Of course not!

I was with Katie this weekend and we opened up a point about food and it was fascinating to see it unfolding right before us, we both participated in our secret minds and then somehow we just came out and said what was taking place in our secret mind and the fascinating thing is the entire time I was patting myself back in my mind thinking ' wow' Deedra your doing a great job at not being in the mind LOL! What a crock of shit. It was so discrete and automatic, I did not even notice the extent of my dishonesty through allowing thoughts about food to direct me. By simply opening up a point we were able to peel another layer of the onion and get closer to the core of ourselves. Food was the main point we spoke about and justification with regards to food and comparison regarding what we ate as well. But when opening up the point we just laughed about it - really hard - It was cool to see the mind fuck for what it was, it is quite extensive so more points continue to unfold. But the reason I said that is because it is supportive to say things out in the open instead of keeping it within the secret mind and conjuring up all kinds of ideas that can happen so quickly.

- I breathe and remain here and support myself within and as self responsibility, unconditional support and assistance, self direction, self expression, self control, self trust to walk this point.

Thanks Cerise for opening up this point.

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